Feel Safe Anywhere

"You Can Be Your Own Bodyguard"

A practical guide for adults and children to learn how to not be victims of crime. Specific examples are given for the home, work, while traveling and in public. Each chapter has worksheets to help with planning. One chapter deals with civil disorder


The Gulfstream Has Stopped

I first published my concerns about the Gulf Stream being at risk of stopping in my 2005
paper "No Need For Panic". At that point in time I had been aware of the Gulf Stream being at
risk of stopping for a couple of years. On November 27, 2005, the scientific community
admitted that the Gulf Stream had lost thirty percent (30%) of its mass and velocity. The same
press release stated that the computer models were estimating that the Gulf Stream would
stop in 5 to 20 years.

No Need For Panic

Giving dates or time frames

for events in the future is risky business. That said, I compiled these time frames from multiple sources I trust & respect. I expect anyone reading this article to do their own homework and act on information they learn on their own, as opposed to strictly relying on this article.

Where Have All

The Bugs Gone?



The Bees and other Insects are disappearing, Why is that? And what does it all mean? What effect will it have in the future?

The Debate Over


A major problem we have in any national debate regarding firearms is a glaring lack of substance and depth in these discussion on both side of the given matter. 


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