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John "Jr." Moore, "The Libertyman", is an International Speaker On Violent Climate Change and a Consultant on Personal Security. He is the author of the successful book entitled Feel Safe Anywhere "You Can Be Your Own  Bodyguard". 



John's Presentation Topics

The Truth Behind The Deception of Global Warming

An Intelligence Briefing on the deception of global warming. Hard intelligence that can be put to immediate use in making tactical and strategic decisions.

Climate Change & What It Means

For Agricultural & Industrial/Financial Industry

What violent climate change means for agriculture right now, not only in the future. Why it's mistakenly blamed on human activity. How agriculture needs to prepare for even more dramatic, destructive violent climate change.

What Insurance/Financial Industries Need To Modify to

Survive Violent Ever- Increasing Climate Change

Why the insurance and financial industries must modify their business models now to survive ever-increasing violent climate events.


Confidential intelligence rarely heard outside of Fortune 100 company boardrooms. Presentations based on extensive and through investigative efforts spanning more than two decades.

The truth behind the deception of Global Warming.

The real reason Fortune 100 companies are moving to Colorado.

The science and the science fiction in Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth".

The government designated "Safe Havens".

The real (and highly classified) timetable for the onset of violent climate change and rising ocean levels.

Details of the second most important event in 2.000 years.

Source presentation material based from classified Top Secret Intel, accumulated from dozens of Special Forces Operatives and Navy Veterans, who stand witness to this information. This data, referred to as “The Map” has been used in Naval and branch military debriefings since the 1970’s, and shows the projected future of America, and our Earth. Knowledge of this maps existence sheds new light on the Governmental “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” international campaigns and movement, and explains current military preparedness and budgetary expenditures, possibly accounting for trillions of “misplaced’ American tax dollars, estimated to be 25% of the U.S. gross national disbursement yearly.


“What the Government is not telling you”, firsthand knowledge and future preparedness education and training.

Pastor Paul Begley



“John Moore spoke at our "The Heavens Are Shaking” event in Cincinnati and has been highly sought after ever since. His information was scientifically sound and well researched. John was able to deliver this information in such a way that it was well understood and extremely engaging. John interacted with the audience on stage as well as off and has been on our internet show many times. We plan to have John at our next conference in 2020."